5 Obvious Signs That You’re The Person Who Loves The Other More

‘There’s always one who loves the other more…’ That’s something I’ve always truly believed. In a relationship, there’s really no way for two people to love 50/50. Not that there’s anything wrong with the other loving another more, but it can be terrifying. If you’re the person who is willing to put in 200% into the relationship, you’d want to know how far your partner is willing to go for you.

Here are five signs to tell if you’re the person who loves the other more. Time to take a step back and evaluate if it’s all worth it!

1. You remember every single thing

couple sitting beside sunflower field

Well, almost! But remembering special dates, anniversaries and memorable memories are clear signs of someone loving the other more. Not only do you remember moments, but also whatever your partner whatever has told you!

2. You’re the one apologising most of the time 

man and woman holding their hands together while standing on top of cliff

Even when it’s not your fault! We get it, you’re willing to low down your ego just to keep the peace between the two of you. But there’s only so much you can take. Talk to your partner if you want to see change.

3. The first to always say ‘I love you’ 

man and woman smiling each other

When was the last time your partner sent you a “good morning” text first? How often do you send lovey-dovey texts to you’re boo to let your S.O? You love them and you simply just want them to know. Well, at least they reply you, AMIRITE?

4. Always checking with your partner before making plans 

man drinking some coffee beside woman

One of the most obvious signs you asking them what they want to eat, where to go – basically what THEY want to do, every single time. But that’s just because you want them to have a good time, though you should tell them too what you want to do. At least, your partner will have a better understanding of your interests.

5. Going above and beyond, even when you don’t have too 

man wrapping arm on woman facing each other

It’s clear that you’re the one who loves the other more when you go above and beyond to make their life at ease. Even the little things like waking at 2 am to fetch your partner from the airport, cooking special dinners  – even though there’s no occasion and always being there for your boo no matter the time.

If you do any of these, your partner is one lucky person because you’re a definite keeper!