5 Moments Only True Best Friends Can Relate To

She’s been there for you through the ups and downs. Stuck on the phone with for hours while you brawl your heart out over a silly guy. Pretty sure we all can agree that good friends are hard to come by and even harder to find a best friend. There’s something about best friends that makes life fun and easier.

women forming heart gestures during daytime

Since today’s International Friendship Day, here are five moments why having a bestie is the best damn thing that’s ever happened to you!

1. Silly inside jokes that only both you understand 

two women lying down on vehicle

Even just by looking at each other can you both LOL! Sometimes it’s a one-word joke but you get what she meant. It’s a special connection that no everyone can have. Lucky you!

2. You get to be yourself without being judged 

two woman jumping on the street during daytime

Maybe it’s because she’s just like you or worse! But no judgments, right? That’s the beauty of your friendship. You can tell her anything and everything under the sun. Sure, sometimes you fight, but it’s all in the name of LOVE.

3. Doing nothing is still considered ‘hanging out’ 

Two Women Laughing at Each Other

Remember the no judgment part? That includes hanging around in each other’s places without forcing to make an impression. You literally don’t even have to talk to each other and stick to your phones but she’ll never be offended with you doing so. SHE GETS YOU.

4. You gain a second family, vice-versa, duh! 

woman laughing beside woman smiling sitting on tufted sofa inside the room

It’s the best! It’s you have “seconds” of everything. You’re in and out of their home like nobody’s business, family functions include you and oh yes, that recent family vacation had you in all of their photos!

5. You can do anything as long as you’ve got your hype-bae with you 

Photo of Five Women Sitting in Back of Van

Nothing beats the feeling of having someone to support you. When you’re nervous, she pushes you and when someone hurts you, she’ll hunt that f***er down. And you’d do the same for her in a heartbeat!