5 Models Who Got Killed On The Job

On the outside, modelling seemed to be glamorous gig. From jet-setting all around the world to trying on couture designer dresses and of course, staying in at the finest hotels ever. Pretty fancy! But underneath all the glitz and glam, lurks a dark-side in the modelling industry. To be on the top, you’ll have to do whatever it takes to every client’s dream model.

Here are five models who went through extreme lengths only to get killed on the job.

1. Tales Soares 

Source: AFP

The Brazilian model passed away last Saturday, after collapsing on the catwalk during the Ocksa show on the last day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week. With no explanation on the cause of death, it was said that the 26 year old model fell while turning to leave the runway.

Initially, it was believed that Tales tripped on his shoelace however it turns out it could have been an epileptic fit as he was foaming at the mouth. Tales was signed under Base MGT modelling agency.

2. Vlada Dzyuba

Source: vk.com

In 2017, Vlada Dzyuba aged 14 passed away in a Chinese hospital after exhaustion from a 13 – hour modelling shoot and a grueling few months working in the country. The Russian teen was allegedly suffering from meningitis too yet she continued with the runway show for  Shanghai Fashion Week. Minutes later, she collapsed into a coma for 2 days, in which she died two days later.
According to a medical report from the organizers of Shanghai Fashion Week obtained by the Global Times, Dzyuba suffered epticopyemia — a type of blood poisoning — with multiple visceral organs damaged, liver dysfunction and renal insufficiency. Although, a rep representing the teen from ESEE Model Management has denied claims that she was overworked and exhausted saying, “Dzyuba had 16 different jobs during her two-month stay in China, she had regular breaks while working.”
3. Fredzania Thompson

Source: Psalms Funeral Home

The 19 year old aspiring model was also a mom to be when she got hit by a train in Texas during her very first photo-shoot. The pregnant model ‘Zanie’ and her photographer was supposedly standing between two train tracks in Navasota, Texas when two trains approached from both directions.
As she stepped out of the path of the BNSF train, she moved into the way of a Union Pacific train, according to reports by the Navasota Examiner. She was then rushed to the nearest hospital where she was pronounced dead. The photographer was however uninjured.
4. Olivia Ku 
Olivia Ku

Source: CEN

News reports from Central European News, reported the 25 year old Taiwanese model drowned during a 20 feet underwater fashion shoot after an asthma attack in 2016.
Scarily, an element of human error in play was allegedly reported as well.  Sources claim the model was asked to remove her regulator at depth while continuing the shoot while holding her breath. Though, it is not unusual from models to take a few breaths from scuba gear before holding their breath but there were no safety divers present!
Not only that, Ku may have also declared that she was asthmatic before the dive and according to Asia One, the model’s family said she was suffering from flu at the time. Diving with a cold can be extremely dangerous, especially one with a lung infection.

5. Katie May 

Source: Instagram

Playboy model, Katie May injured her neck when she fell during a photoshoot session in 2016 – one week before death. Due to the neck injuries, she was then examined by a chiropractor. However less than a week before her death, the 34 year old, self-titled ‘Queen of Snapchat’ suffered a catastrophic” stroke, leaving her on life support. But she was then taken off life support a few days later.

Months later, Los Angeles County Coroner released an updated information, that the stroke that killed Katie May was caused by “an injury sustained during a ‘neck manipulation by chiropractor.

The assessment showed that the chiropractor had caused a tear in her left vertebral artery, which blocked the blood flow to the brain, causing a stroke. It was previously believed that a block in her carotid artery following a fall during a photoshoot may have been the cause of the fatal stroke.