5 Makeup Trends That’s Going To Be Huge In The Year 2020

The Year 2020 is coming soon in just a few weeks! Beauty junkies, you must be wondering what’s the next IT beauty trend. Don’t fret, we’ve got that covered for you. Well, just be sure to wake up early enough to beautify your face before you head off to work!

1. Bright Coloured Mascara 

Change your look by ditching your black mascara with coloured mascara for your lashes! There are so many colours for you to experiment with from bright-pink, deep blue and even green.

2. Pops of Neon

Time to invest in bright neon palettes because every beauty guru will be batting their eyes with this minimalist neon eyeshadow trend. Instead of filling your entire eyelid with neon shadow, just brush the shade at the inner corner of your eyes. It’ll make your eyes pop!

3.  Shay Mitchell’s Floating Eyeliner

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This photo makes me think of a nice cold lime margarita, well actually the only thing I’ve been thinking about lately…gimme a break, it’s been a minute 🙄 ☀️🍹🤰🏻

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There are two types of people in the world: The one who colours inside the line and the other, outside the line. But in this case, you’re a rebel by drawing the eyeliner above your lash line. To make the look cooler, use any of your desired eyeliner colours like blue, white, neon yellow or shimmer!

4. Subtle Lip Stain

Lipstains are a blessing! You don’t need to put a lot and it stays on your lips even after you’ve binged on your favourite meals. Thankfully, the lipstain trend is going to be huge next year!

5. Pink Blush

If you’ve haven’t got a favourite pink blush, it’s about time you start shopping for one because you’re about to see pink cheeks everywhere. We’re digging the pink look, it kind of gives you this pinkish, flush look!