5 Major Turn-Off Questions You Should Never Ask During Sex

Sometimes, a little dirty talk works in the bedroom but sometimes saying nothing at all is the best. It saves you and your partner for asking turn off questions while getting it on.

Here are five questions you should never, ever, under any circumstance ask during sex. Memorize these fellas!

1.What are you thinking about right now? 

This is probably one of the worst questions to ask. Just because your partner seems distant that doesn’t mean you should ask them in the moment of thrusting! As soon as you ask, your partner is going to get flustered and overthink the whole thing. We have our own imagination, so let’s just keep it at that!

2. Do you want me to show you how to do that?

Feel free to give suggestions and recommendations during your lovemaking sesh but don’t ask if you should show them. It’s just uncomfortable and makes them feel like they’re in boner timeout! Sneakily guide your partner instead of asking the direct question!.

3. Can I check my phone real quick? 

Right in the middle of a steamy sesh and you’re still thinking of checking your phone? That’s just a major turn off. It’s like your partner isn’t sexy enough to make you stay away from your phone! Don’t do it. Just check your goddamn phone for later!

4. Oh, that feels good (*insert the wrong name)! 

This may be applicable for one night stands. If you call out the wrong name with your partner of one month, something is definitely wrong. Before you get naked, better to get their name right because that’s just RUDE!

5. Does it smell?

Why would you ask questions that will only make you uncomfortable if they told the truth? You’re going to be self-conscious for the rest of your sexy time and you won’t be able to enjoy it. Self-check if you must!