5 Little Things Your Boyfriend Does That You Take For Granted

There are times when we take our significant other for granted. Especially if you’ve been in a very long relationship. Not that we meant to feel so, but after being with someone for years… We somehow overlook the little things our S.O does for us. If you have and need a reminder on the little yet sweetest thing your partner does for you!

1. Cleans you up because you’ve K.O 

MY HEART. This is honestly goals. http://bzfd.it/2l7Y9Mm

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Remember when John Legend helped to remove her Grammy’s jewellery because she was drunk? It was such a relatable moment! We’ve all had our drunk or too tired moments only to have our partners to remove our makeup and change us into fresh tee’s and shorts. That’s pretty sweet if you ask us!

2. Bonus if they do the whole skincare routine! 

Okay, just like her caption – he’s definitely a keeper he does your skincare routine when you’re soooo dead.That’s dedication and lots of love right there!

3. Leaves you love notes every morning just because…


Source: Imgur/mollywho

In Mollywho’s case, her husband wrote these notes on the mirror for his wife who’s battling with depression. It doesn’t take much effort to write out these words of encouragement, but it’ll make our day by knowing how much we mean to the other. Oh yes, morning texts totally counts!

4. Compliments you even on your laziest “look” day

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Sweatpants, over-sized tee and a messy bun? He still finds you BEAUTIFUL. It really amazes you because no matter how many times he’s complimented, you just don’t believe him. BUT REALLY, YOU ARE!

5. He’s there whenever you need him 

You know he’s got you no matter how bad things get! He’ll be the first to ask, “Do you need any help” or “What do you need?” You know can count on him. If he has, don’t forget to tell your partner how much they mean to you too!