5 Insta-Worthy Desserts That Malaysians Don’t Mind Queuing Up For

Let’s get this straight, Malaysians love their food. We would try every single food trend there is and actually spend bucks on it. From yes, bubble tea to cakes and chocolate crepes. Who cares how much a bubble tea cost, as long as our bellies are happy!

Here are five viral dessert trends that Malaysians are obsessed with.

1. Boba Milk Tea 

Source: Instagram

Know a freak friend who is in love with boba/bubble milk tea that they have to drink milk tea every-time they go out? Well thanks to the recent burst of milk tea outlets, shout out to Subang Jaya, boba fans can now get their supply of boba milk teas at every corner. Talk about the different “brown sugar” milk teas!

2. Japanese Baked Cheese Tarts 

Source: Instagram

At one time, we would actually queue up for hours just to sink our teeth into the creamy, cheese tart. Be it original, chocolate and matcha, we love it all! Because of it’s expensive price tag, it was considered a luxury to buy cheese tarts.

3. Ice cold Bingsu 

Source: Instagram

This shaved ice Korean/Japanese dessert was once upon a time the viral “ice kacang” in Malaysia. Although as compared to the ice kacang price, this is about 4x pricier. But with fan favourite flavours like matcha with a scoop of red beans, it’s all worth it!

4. Original Cake 

Source: Instagram

Who would have thought that people for go cray-cray for this simple homemade old-fashion egg sponge cake from Taiwan. When it first opened, queuing up to get a taste of this cake can take up to 2-3 hours long! Thank goodness, it actually taste really yummy.

5. Shibuya Toast 

Source: Instagram

Shibuya toast is one of the trendiest and most Instagram-worthy dessert. Believed to be originated from Shibuya District, Tokyo, it is also also known as Japanese Honey Toast or Brick Toast – hence the fluffy toast shape’s like a brick. Topped with sweet ingredients such as whipped cream, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, honey and more, it’s bound to put you in cloud 9!

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