5 Gorgeous Henna Tattoos That’ll Compliment Your Deepavali Outfit

The festival of lights is just around the corner. Most of you will be shopping for the perfect Deepavali outfit and jewelry to impress both near and far relatives.

Perhaps some of you will also be getting henna tattoos on your hands to complete your festival look. If you’re not sure what henna designs to get your hands, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Here are five gorgeous henna designs that’ll lock everyone’s eyes on your palms!

1. The Peacock 

Source: Pinterest

This classic design is enough to make heads turn during your open house!

2. Tribal ft Floral Designs 

Source: Pinterest

You can totally get a tribal feel from this design yet it features pretty floral details. Best of both worlds!

3. Blooming Floral

Source: Pinterest

Featuring beautiful floral motifs of dreams! This is super intricate and beautiful!

4. Double Designs 

Source: Pinterest

Super detailed yet pretty to look at. Can’t decide which design to pick? Just get both!

5. Mandala Bling 

Source: Pinterest

Sparkle up your henna design with rhinestones for that extra bling!