5 Engagement Ring Ideas That Are Not Typical Diamonds

Like Beyonce said, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” If you see a future with your partner, there’s probably a ring somewhere in the future, but you don’t want him to get the wrong ring now, do you?

While most of us are quite fond of diamonds, sometimes we want something different, y’know.

Today we bring you engagement ring ideas that are anything but typical. Show this to your partner so that he gets the hint. Or gather all your Sue Sylvester energy and buy one for yourself, because you deserve a pretty treat!

1. Elli Germany Crossed Ring

This crossed ring is encased with a beautiful gold hue, and it’s a crossed ring, which means your future will be twice as good (we hope!). The star-crossed ring is embellished cubic zirconia stones for a classy finish.

2. Atrireal Flower Fairy Series Adjustable Ring

Allow yourself to become a princess with this flower fairy series. This rose gold, adjustable ring has a vibe that suits the feminine girl, especially if she loves all things fairylike and flowers.

3. Pandora Bow Silver Ring

What sends a better message about tying the knot than a knot that’s classy and elegant on your ring finger? This silver bow ring by Pandora is embellished with zirconia stones for a sophisticated, feminine vibe.

4. Elli Germany Infinity Engagement Ring

Infinity goes beyond forever – that’s why this ring, in the shape of an infinity is such a meaningful one to have as an engagement gift. The ring is in a gorgeous shade of rose gold, embellished zirconia stones.

5. TOMEI Hello Kitty Engagement Ring

We saved the cutest for the last. Hello Kitty has celebrated 45 years of the idol’s anniversary, so who knows how much longer your future marriage is going to be! This one is in gold with a hint of pink that will suit most girls.