5 Donut Inspired Beauty Products That’ll Make You Yummy-licious

It’s Donut Day, yum! Sinfully good, this sweet treat can cure any bad day you may have. But for those of you who’d like to slow down on the sweets, why not use donut on your face?

In honour of Donut Day 2019, here are 5 glorious, yummylicious donut inspired beauty products. From donut themed lip balm to eye-shadows, you’re going to drool – donut say we didn’t warn you!

1. Kiss Hop – Donut Lip Balm Set 

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Source: Guardian

Not only are these lip balms moisturising but they’re also super cute! The Kiss Hop Donut Lip Balm set comes in three scents – strawberry, lemon and  pineapple.

Price: RM 15

Where to buy: At any Guardian Stores 

2. Models Own – Cheat Day 

Treat your self to this irresistible donut palette from this cruelty-free brand. Each shadow has two shades for you to mix and match, which means there are 16 shades for you to play with!

Price: RM 62 ($14.99)

Where to buy: Models Own 

3. Butter Toki – Jelly Donuts Butter Cream 

Source: Instagram/ButterToki

Deliciously scented with sugar, fried dough, sweet vanilla and strawberry jam, wearing this on a Friday night could ‘kink’ things up! It’s also handmade and free from paraben and gluten.

Price: RM 51.84

Where to buy: Butter Toki 

4. I Heart Revolution – Donut Eyeshadow 

Source: Instagram/IHeartRevolution

Choose your favourite toppings from Strawberry Sprinkles, Maple Glazed, Raspberry Icing, Blueberry Crush and Chocolate Dipped. You’re going to be an eye-candy with these delicious palettes!

Price: RM 29 ($7)

Where to buy: Revolution Beauty 

5. Glamour Dolls Makeup – Bakery Lip Gloss 

Source: Instagram/GlamourDollsMakeup

Donut that’s gulit-free and gluten-free? It’s a lip gloss from Glamour Dolls Makeup. Say goodbye to chapped lippies!

Price: RM 20 ($4.99)

Where to buy: Glamour Dolls Makeup