5 Dainty Engagement Ring Ideas That Will Make You Go “UwU”

Before your man proposes, you’re probably thinking of the engagement ring already. If he likes it, he’s definitely gonna put a ring on it.

An engagement ring doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s important that you like it, because you’ll be the one wearing it after all, bride-to-be,

Some of us want an engagement ring that actually means something, without needing to show it off. We would, on Instagram, when bae proposes, but that’s showing off the engagement, not the ring. Here’s a list of 5 dainty engagement rings that’ll make you go UwU.

1. Floral motifs

If you’re a floral kinda girl, you’ll probably love flowery motifs that make up your engagement ring. Like this Pandora Rose Daisy Flower Ring, you’ll probably fall in love with your man (again) if he proposes with these carefully carved daisies on a dainty ring to symbolize eternity.

2. Spiral pattern

Spiral patterned-rings are for girls who want something dainty, yet substantial enough to be seen from a distance. Embellished with Swarovski crystals, Her Jewellery’s Spiral Ring is just subtly grand enough for a work of art like you.

3. Crossed pattern

If you don’t fancy spiral-patterned rings, take a look at it’s star-crossed sister for star-crossed lovers. Are you a couple who could rewrite the stars? This rose gold ring by Elli Germany symbolises your relationship to the tee.

4. Insect motifs

We mean cute insects like butterflies, of course, they’re such dainty, fluttery, fragile creatures. A ring with a butterfly motif seems to mean that your man wants to protect you. Check out this Queen Alexandra Butterfly Rose Gold Ring for cute vibes.

5. Kawaii ring

If you’re the kawaii (adorable, cute, does peace signs in photos) kinda girl, let your bae go all-out and get the ultimate super-kawaii ring for your engagement. The more kawaii, the better, because it suits your personality so. Love & Co. has a Smiley Teddy 18K Rose Gold Ring that’s everything UwU.