5 BS You Shouldn’t Have To Put Up With In A Relationship

Relationships are supposed to feel great. Your partner should keep you happy and make you look forward to each day as it goes by however that’s not always the case.

Sometimes there are a few red flags about your relationship and your partner’s behavior that you need to put a stop to before you both end up emotionally damaged.

1. Your partner is a control freak

If your partner is restraining you from doing things that are harmless like going for the movies with your friends and setting time constraints for you, girl you need to have a word with him. You don’t need his permission to do the things that’ll make you happy.

2. Petty Fights

There are healthy arguments where both of you speak your minds and be honest and come to terms with each other and then there’s unhealthy fighting where people just take out their anger at each other and say things that are really mean without remorse. If your partner is always bickering sometimes even without a legit reason at all? This could also link back to the controlling part of him.

3.  Giving you attitude about sex

Sex is great but if you’re home after a really tiring day and you’re not in the mood for it and your partner gives you attitude? Not cool. Your partner should respect your decision and be more understanding.

4. Lying 

Whether it’s about who you were out with for lunch, or about going to a party you probably shouldn’t have gone to and lying about it so your partner doesn’t find out, lying is a relationship killer once the trust is gone. Plus, it could seriously lead to a more dangerous lie – like cheating!

5. Unbalanced Roles

Both parties in a relationship should have equal roles. If you cook dinner and your partner expects you to do the dishes as well while he sits on the couch and watches football, please find yourselves a real man. It takes two to make a relationship work, so if he’s not pitching in, he may not be worth it.