5 Best Natural Deo To Keep Your Armpits Stink-Free

We’re always trying to change our lifestyle into a more eco-friendly living. When we go on a journey of non-toxic living, swapping our personal products can be super intimidating. This includes looking for the perfect natural deodorant!

Natural deodorants are great because they don’t block pores, which keeps the good bacteria working. Hence, less odour even when you’re not wearing any deo!

Plus, some of the ingredients used in natural deodorants (like witch hazel) helps to shrink pores and smooth razor burn. Here are five natural deodorants that you need to try on your armpits!

 1. T’eo Solid Deodorant (RM 50) 

It is a deodorant bar made out of super-absorbent powders, fresh green grapes and juniper and citrus essentials oils to keep your pits dry and fresh!

2. Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant (RM 75) 

Kopari’s natural coconut deodorant is a 100% plant-based active that provides odour protection for your underarm. It’s free of aluminum and baking soda that soothes the most sensitive underarms. If you’re a sucker for coconut, you’re in luck because it’ll leave you smelling like fresh coconut milk!

3. Happy Pits by Hello Natural Co (RM 40.99) 

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Winner of Readers’s Choice Award 2018 for Natural Health, Happy Pits by Hello Natural Co is an all natural deodorant infused with activated charcoal. It allows detoxifies and get rids of odour-causing bacteria. You know you’re getting the real deal when it’s used even by professional athletes, coaches and trainers.

4. Total Image Smelly No More (RM 16.88) 

Made from pure and natural mineral salts, it inhibits bacteria growth – the real source of body odour. Also because it uses natural crystal stone, it does not stain clothing and does not darken the skin. No one wants a black armpit!

5. Veri Naturals Deodorant Cream – Tea Tree and Lemon (RM 49.90) 

Veri Naturals’ base is made out of corn starch, organic virgin coconut oil, pure sodium bicarbonate and kaolin clay. Choose your favourite scents from Lavender, Jasmine, Tea Tree Lemon, Rose Vanilla and Juniper Cedarwood. Locally made, they’re also 100% vegan!


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