5 Common Beauty Tricks That Can Harm Your Skin

You can learn anything and everything from the internet. Especially when it comes to beauty secrets. From skincare tips to makeup hacks, you can find it all there. But let’s be real, not everything up on the internet is safe for you to do. Here are 5 beauty tips you should never ever do if you love your face.

1. Applying toothpaste on your pimples

Toothpaste Being Put on Yellow Toothbrush

You might have heard of this and some actually swears by this method. In which, they claim that toothpaste helps to shrink acne overnight because of its ingredients baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. But don’t take their word for it, applying toothpaste on your toothpaste can be super damaging to your skin. While it can help soothe inflammation temporarily, it can also leave marks and discolouration once the acne is gone. No one wants a black mark on their face!

2. Soaking your skin in citrus 

Selective Focus Photography of Person Holding Sliced Lemon

Bad sunburn? Advises on getting rid of it is either aloe vera or lemons! With the believe that citrus fruits can lighten the skin tone, dark marks and even scars. Here’s why you shouldn’t – a lemon’s pH level is around 2 to 3 which can seriously mess up the skin’s natural pH of 4 to 5. This will cause irritation and sensitivity. Either that hyper-pigmentation and chemical burns gets you!

3. Sucking a shot glass to get plump lips 

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Tried the #bratzchallenge with my @wearelikely girls! 😂 Did we do it right? Or did Grace’s “hacks” went awfully wrong? Full video up on www.likely.com.my 💗

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Have you tried this trick? Because I did and my lips swelled up so bad! I teared throughout the entire process and it left bruise on my upper lips for 4 days. What a way to repel boys! Plus, they looked so unreal… that it does not compliment one’s look.

4. Lathering  your hair TWICE 

Woman Bathing in Bath Tub

Who the heck created this myth? Shampooing your hair twice makes your super dry. Especially if you wash your hair every single day. Shampoo once but make sure you scrub your scalp thoroughly then move on to the conditioner.

5. You only need sunscreen when it’s sunny 

Photo of Woman With Lotion on Hand

Sunscreen should be applied at all times, even if it’s a cloudy day. Ultraviolet rays that causes sun damage and skin cancer are present regardless of cold or hot weather and are not blocked by clouds. On overcast days, UVB rays (ultraviolet B) can still attack your skin.