5 Beauty Tips To Hide That Massive Hangover From Your Boss

For some of us, ladies’ night also means a massive hangover the next morning. All that dancing, champagne and wine – we let loose for one night and wake up with a splitting headache, a ‘blur’ feeling, and a ‘hungover’ face/

Unfortunately, we may also have to show up for work and it’s obvious – everyone knows that you do not show up at work with a hangover… unless you can hide it.

Thankfully, we have some easy beauty tips to hide your hangover from your boss (sorry, boss!). Don’t worry – your wild night will always be worth it.

1. De-puff your face

Alcohol can drain your skin of moisture and make you look puffy, but not in a cute way. When you wake up in the morning, dip a cloth in ice water and pat it all over your face. Cleanse your face with ice water too. The cold temperature will reduce any puffiness. If you’ve got time, place two warm tea bags under your eyes to reduce inflammation around the area.

2. Conceal, don’t feel…

… don’t let them know that you’ve got a massive hangover. If your usual stick of concealer doesn’t seem to cut it, take a step further with colour corrector to hide any discolouration, sallowness or dullness on your face. Take a look at Peripera Ink Corrector to see if it’s exactly what your hungover face needs.

3. Sculpt, sculpt, sculpt

A hangover can make your face appear swollen and puffy – no thanks to all that champagne. So, take your contour brush, some cream contour and sculpt your way to visible angles. Try Silkygirl Photosharp Contour & Highlight Stick if you want to add shape to your face.

4. Brighten up your face with bold hues

This doesn’t mean you need to go all-out glam with bold makeup and a splitting hangover. Instead, choose a bold red or bright pink lipstick to add some colour and life to your features. Check out Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick for some much needed bold hues. While you’re at it, go ham with blush so you’ll get those rosy cheeks, like the ones you’d get with Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks.

5. Remember to stay hydrated

Your body will be dehydrated from all the alcohol you had last night, and it won’t take long until the fatigue hits you. Dehydration will show up on your expression and your body throughout the day so make sure to drink plenty of water. It’s one way to make you feel better and chase your hangover away.