5 Badass Facial Piercings That’ll Still Make You Look Super Feminine

Body piercing has been around for centuries and in some cultures, a way to show the transition of adulthood. The usual piercings would be the dainty ones on our ear lobe.

Then, there are those badass chics who are taking piercings to the next level. Here are five extreme taboo piercings that” make you edgy AF.

1. Snake Eyes Piercing 

A horizontal tongue piercing ar the tip of the tongue, it is also called a front tongue piercing. Although it seems that there are two pieces of studs used for the piercings, it’s actually formed by a single stud and pierced through the tongue horizontally. But we can totally get why it’s commonly known as snake eyes instead – because it does look like a pair of snake eyes staring right at you!

2. Venom Piercing

A little different from the snake eyes piercing, venom tongue piercings are 2 parallel piercings that are pierced through the tongue, kind of like “snake bites”. It is also known as Frog Eyes Piercing, so don’t be confused!

3. Bridge Piercing 

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It’s known as the bridge piercing because of the way it’s pierced through the skin on the bridge of the nose, directly between the eyes of the wearer. However, this is a surface piercing because most people don’t have enough flesh for the jewellery to grab onto the nose area. If you have sensitive skin, better to try another type of piercing!

4. Labret Piercing 

There are two types of labret piercing – horizontal labret piercing and vertical labret piercing. The horizontal labret is where the jewellery lies horizontally in the center point of the lower lip while vertical labret is where the jewellery is pierced at the midpoint of the lower lip.

5. Cheek Piercing 

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No dimples? That’s okay because you can create your own studded dimples! But be prepared to face some serious pain. There’s no cartilage in the cheek and all flesh, so yes, it’s going to hurt big time and require an extended amount of aftercare. Probably not the best if you’re not ready for such commitment.

Which of this super badass piercing would want to get next? Comment down below!