5 Accessible Places To Take Insta-worthy Pics That Are Not A Cemetery

Just recently, a local bridal boutique went viral for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, the brand staged a photoshoot at a cemetery… of all places.

Of course, once the word got out on social media, the bridal boutique received nothing short of the ultimate backlash from Twitterverse.

Anyway, if you can’t think of anywhere else, here are 5 accessible places to take IG-worthy pictures. Please, anything but a cemetery. If you’re reading this, we trust you to make good choices for places to take your photos

1. On a balcony/ rooftop

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It’s not difficult to catch the coveted “golden hour” and take the perfect picture under a ray of sunshine. Just go to the nearest balcony or rooftop and (hopefully) it’ll be decorated fit to your Instaworthy standards. Hey, we think this is a pretty accessible option!

2. Hotel poolside

You can’t go wrong with such a zen background, really. Everyone will wish they were on your feed the moment you post these pics. You don’t even have to be in your swim clothes unless you really want to. The lighting will usually be on point and as long as you nail your pose, you’ve got your pic!

3. A hipster cafe

Hipster cafes are there for a reason, and we know it’s not the food. Sure, you’ll probably hop on there for some food, but we know the crowd is really there to get some pretty photos. The ‘gram eats first, remember? And before that, OOTDs! You could probably book a cafe space for a proper photoshoot if you had the budget. If it looks good, it works!

4. In high school


If you and your boyfriend are high school sweethearts, why don’t you take your IG followers to a trip down memory lane and take photos in your high school? It probably won’t be decorated, but you have lots of memories, and sometimes it’s not really about the pretty space. It’s about what makes a place special. Maybe your first (sneaky) kiss at the lockers. Oops! You’ll probably need permission, but it should be all right if you’re having a photoshoot on a weekend when school’s out.

5. If all else fails… decorate your own space!

There’s nothing wrong with making your own space photoshoot-worthy. In fact, it’s even better because you get to dictate the final look, with fairylights and fluffy stuff. You can get decorations off almost any shopping platforms, maybe they’ll have some good deals for 11.11. Check them out, you won’t regret putting your hands to work for the prettiest space ever. You know what they say… if the price is right, why not?