4 Types Of Difficult Colleagues That You Always See At The Workplace

Ain’t nobody got time for negativity especially at the workplace! All we want is to be at the top of our game and to be productive while busting our asses off. But sometimes, it’s just super hard to do so because of the negative vibes that our colleagues put out at the office.

Dealing with difficult co-workers can be stressful, especially if it affects us in a way that makes us dread going to work. But, we all have bills to pay, quitting our jobs for such pettiness is definitely not an option. Here are all the types of people you meet at work and how you deal with them. #COLLEAGUECANCELLED

1. The Grumpy Colleague

They’re cranky and hardly cracks a smile, let alone getting them to say hi to you, which makes it even more awkward to communicate. Try to find a point of interest that they can relate to you, like a favourite TV show. If that doesn’t work, maybe a cup coffee might just do the trick!

2. The Know It All Colleague 

Every office will have a smarty-pants. The difficult part of handling these smart colleagues is that they always have the right information, but it doesn’t mean that the ideas they presented would be a good one.

This could be bad in the long run because it not only shuts you out of your creativity but it also lowers your self-esteem. To tackle this type of colleague, you have to be convincing and the only way to that is to have evidence. Do some research, use data and provide references to convince your colleague that your idea is great too.

3. The Colleague Who Love Gossips

You better believe it when we say, nothing good ever comes from gossiping. You definitely don’t want to be associated as the person who spreads nasty rumours, right?

But how can one ignore a piece of juicy gossip? If you simply must know the gossip, remember to only listen and not add ‘stories’ into the gossip!

4. The Super Lazy Colleague 

Seems like you’re back to school all over again. You want to be nice but when you try not to cover for your colleague’s slack, they may tend to take advantage of you the next time as they are unaware of your dissatisfaction. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with co-workers who are just plain lazy, yet get all the credits. It slows down your work productivity which could get you into trouble with the bosses.

Save yourself from this kind of behaviours by being honest. Tell them that you need them to get a certain job done within the amount of time given. However, if nothing happens even after you’ve had a chat regarding this issue with them — inform your supervisor.