4 Simple Hijab Style You Can Pull Off This Raya

Raya festive is the time where we’re always looking for ways to express our individuality and sense of fashion while following the ideals of Islam and maintaining modesty. This year, Raya themes are moving towards a simple contemporary look with the pandemic situation going on—you can look simple but still have the elements of modern glamour. 

So, it is not an excuse for hijabis to not look good during Raya. Here are some Hijabista looks to pull off this Raya for the muslimah ladies out there! 

Simple & Easy

  1. All you need to do is place your hijab in a way that you’ll have both sides equal, then pin it under your chin. 
  2. Lastly, fling both sides across the opposite shoulder. 
  3. If you want to make the style a little more extravagante, simply let one side of the hijab drape right on your shoulders.
Mary Go Round

  1. Grab a shawl and place it such that one side is shorter than the other, then pin it under your chin.
  2. Then, take the longer side and wrap it around your neck. You can choose to secure the hijab with pins.
  3. To shake it up a little, take the shorter side and tuck it in your shirt and spread it out so that your shirt does not appear bulky with all the extra cloth.
Turkish Style Hijab

  1. Grab a square scarf and fold it into a triangle. 
  2. Place the hijab on your head such that the longest side is the closest to your face.
  3. Then, take the two ends of the scarf on your left and right, take them across and wrap your neck.
  4. Once the ends have reached the back of your neck, tie a knot to secure it. You might want to tuck the rest of your scarf in your shirt to make it look neater.
The Long Drape

  1. Drape the shawl around your head with one end longer than the other.
  2. Pin the shawl behind your head. Double pin to keep the look neat and secure for the whole day.
  3. Flip the shorter end around your neck and under the longer end, before adding another pin.
  4. Bring the longer end around your shoulder and to the front, then adjust accordingly.