4 Signs That It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships suck. Let’s be honest on that. It’s really, freaking hard too. Your dates include FaceTime, emoji sexts and late night phone calls. You probably only see each other once a month or maybe once a year. Ouch! Then again, after being apart from each other for so long, wrapping yourself in your partner’s arm feels so good again. Before you realize it, it’s time for that crappy good bye again.

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Let that sink in 🤔 #mondaymantra

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But what if it’s time to say goodbye forever? Here are four signs that points to a breakup.

1. There’s no trust 

You’re constantly questioning who your partner is out with. Sure it’s normal for us to get jealous but it’s definitely a red flag if we’re always insecure, especially when you don’t get to see him that often. Being in a long-distance relationship requires a huge amount of trust between the two of you. What’s the point of being in one if there’s no trust, right?

2. You barely talk about the future 

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It’s a new day, it’s a new week. Don’t be afraid to start over ✨ #MondayMantra

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Living in the moment is a good thing, for now at least. You both get to do what you each want.  But at some point in the relationship, one of you is going to want to move on to the next phase of the relationship. Who moves across the world? Who changes their job? There’s so many questions that need answers. Find out if your partner actually sees a future together. Remember, you can’t be in this LDR forever!

3. Most of the time, it feels one-sided 

This is a major sign in any relationship that it’s time to call it off. It takes two people who are committed to make the relationship work. But if you feel like you’re always the one to give in, to be the understanding one and always trying to make it work without receiving anything in return, you need to evaluate the status of your relationship. Is this really what you want? At the end of the day, we all want to be loved too!

4. You hardly see each other 

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In case it’s not obvious…

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You get sad when you see your friends hugging and holding hands with their partner. It takes a toll on us emotionally. So you both save up and take turns to fly to each other’s places. Sometimes, once a month or 6 months once maybe for some of you ONCE A YEAR. Claps to you girlfriend if you’ve made it work so far! But here’s the thing, if you’re feeling all of the above points on top of not seeing each other often, is this even worth it? Ask yourself, is it because you both are financially not capable to see each other or is it because your partner doesn’t want to put in the effort to see you?

LDR is hard and not everyone can do this. If you resonate to some of these points, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to breakup. It all depends under your relationship’s circumstances. Talk it out and find out what you both really want.