4 Quick & Simple Sahur Meal Ideas For You Sleepyheads

By now, you know that sahur is one of the most important meals of the day during this holy month of Ramadan. But if you are someone who’s not used to waking up early, it can be quite crucial. 

But don’t worry, here are five quick and easy meals you can make with very few ingredients and little more than 10 minutes to spare, so you sleepyheads can go back and hit the sack! 

1. Kaya butter toast 

So it’s early in the morning and what’s a perfect way to start your sahur with two slices of crispy toasted bread, spread with silky fragrant kaya and slabs of creamy butter, with a hot kopi and two eggs on the side. Delicious and hearty! 

Instead of the plain white bread, use whole wheat bread instead. This adds fiber to your meal and helps to slow down the release of sugars into your bloodstream, thus giving you energy for a longer amount of time.

2. Omelette 

Omelettes are infinitely customizable! If you have a couple of eggs and some butter in your refrigerator then you have enough ingredients to make a simple but satisfying sahur meal. Add a few more ingredients as a filling and you’ve made something more substantial with little extra effort. 

This meal is perfect for you tired and sleepyheads individuals who are looking for an easy go-to-meal in the morning. 

3. Overnight oats & fruits 

With its high fiber content, oatmeal—and fruits—is sure to keep you full all morning to conquer the day ahead! Rather than cooking oats in boiling water, overnight oats is where you combine rolled oats with cold milk or yogurt, and chia seeds and leave it overnight inside the fridge. 

Four to six hours later, you have cold, creamy, soft and chewy, luscious oats. A healthy and boujee sahur meal. 

4. Avocado toast

Sometimes simple is just better. Top two lightly toasted slices of whole-grain bread with smashed avocado and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Layer on two sunny-side up eggs for a healthy dose of protein and you’ve got a well-rounded sahur meal.