4 M’sian Teachers Want You To Know It’s Not Easy Being A Teacher

Teachers are like our parents at school. They teach and guide us on things that we don’t learn at home, like add-maths and accounts. For those of you naughty students, teachers are the one to who’ve shaped you to be a responsible citizen to your country.  Other than that, they are also our inspiration to what we want to be and achieve in life. Some are even inspired to be an educator, simply because we admire these role-models.

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Being a teacher is never easy. Imagine handling a class with 30 students every single day? It’s insane! Yet they never fail to inspire and be inspired.

Because we’re celebrating teachers everywhere on Teacher’s Day, we asked 4 Malaysian teachers what’s their proudest moment as a teacher and the one thing we should know about being a teacher.

1. Ms. Shiveh  

“It gives me so much pride to see the success of each of my students today. Be it professional or personal, the very fact that they come back to me and say thank you – for my education in the classroom was not confined to language but it taught them about life – that made them wise in their decisions and bold in their choices.

I don’t know about teachers in general, as i know i am ‘different’ from the usual lot and i choose to remain hopeful and focus my energy on the endless possibilities. My perception is that perspective decides the final result. The intangible is limitless … the possibilities of amazing things unfolding are limited only by the mind, the lesser equivalent being ‘less amazing’.

The struggles for every teacher is never the student. It goes way up to the system, it deals with mindsets … when everyone fails to understand or rather see the bigger picture which is focus on the children so they get a top notch education which they rightly deserve.”

2. Cikgu Nur Lyana 

“It has been a dream and my ambition since young to be a teacher. Words cannot express how happy I am when I finally became a teacher. Each time my students excel and catches up to a lesson, I feel extremely proud. What I want people to know about being a teacher is that, it’s not easy to educate and deliver knowledge in today’s world. Children nowadays must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Besides that, it’s nice to be appreciated, respected and acknowledged as the nation’s educator. Some may say, I am just a kindergarten teacher, ‘You only teach ABC and 123’ but it’s more than that! If that is so, I’m happy and proud to be the first to teach them to recognise ABC.  Happy teacher’s day for all the teachers around the world!”

3. Teacher Amelia

“A parent thanked me for helping their child – beyond education. The mother noticed the child’s table manners and eating habits changed. Her child was eating better and wasn’t as picky as she was before. My student suddenly had the sense of caring for others!

It all happened one day when the parent approached me on the last day for the term and thanked me for instilling these values. She said, “Ms Amelia who taught me these things” upon speaking to her daughter. I couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes started to tear!

I’ve not only touched the child’s life but also the parent. That’s when I realized it isn’t only what’s taught in the classroom that’s important but also to shape students in every aspects too.”

It’s also not easy to deal with new children especially the ones that go through separation anxiety. As a teacher, one needs to ensure the child no matter what happens, they will be safe with you while mummy/daddy isn’t around for that brief period of time. When the child trusts you and is able to say goodbye to mummy/daddy at the door and run into your arms to greet you good morning to me, that’s already a job well done!”

4. Cikgu Intan Azira 

“I love kids, that’s why I wanted to be teacher. But just not any teacher, I want to help kids with special needs like down syndrome, autism, dyslexia and others. What you need to know about teachers is that, it’s not an easy profession. For me specifically, it’s a challenge for me to understand what kids with special needs want. As their teacher, I need to know from A to Z about the student. Even though it’s a challenging career, I am proud to be a special education teacher who can educate them towards a more positive life in the future, ‘Istimewa di kalangan istimewa’ (special among the specials)”

Aww… it’s not easy being a teacher, isn’t it? Say thank you to your favourite teacher by treating her to a cake from Victoria’s Station!