3 Ways To Stop Overthinking, Because You Seriously Deserve A Break

We’re all guilty of overthinking. Sometimes, we send a text and when the other person doesn’t reply, we begin to think OMG what have I done?

Well, what have you done indeed. Your brain begins to run around the situation in circles, and it doesn’t help with your existing stress. It may interfere with your mental and physical health, this habit of overthinking.

You need a break from this habit, darling. So here are three ways you can stop overthinking every little situation because you don’t need that negativity in your life.

1. Take a deep breath

Allow yourself to relax and reaffirm your mind. Nothing that’s done today can’t be fixed tomorrow. Pause for a moment in time and focus on your breathing. Is it fast? Is it shallow? Give some time for yourself to breathe normally and clear your mind.

Focus on a distant object and channel all the negative energy towards it. You’re doing your best, and that’s more than enough. No matter what the situation, you got this, girl.

2. Distract yourself

People usually say that distractions are a bad thing but in this case, you’re going to need a good one. Listen to your favourite playlist and just let yourself flow with the music. Busy yourself with a different task to take your mind off things. Read your favourite childhood books, or better yet, clean your room. Maybe this is why some of us clean our rooms at 3AM if we can’t fall asleep. It helps us declutter our mind.

3. Get away from technology

Incoming messages and notifications only causes your brain to light up and focus on things that aren’t necessarily meant to benefit you. Getting a late-night work text? Unless you think it’s an emergency, you can probably get back to your colleague tomorrow. If anyone needs anything, they’ll call. Get away from your tech-frazzled fingers and work out in a different room.