3 Steps To Keep Your Room Effortlessly Clean (Even If You’re A Hot Mess)

Hot mess? Yep, that’s probably a lot of us and our bedrooms tbh. We can’t seem to get the mess out, no matter how hard we try.

Despite this, there are a few methods you can practice to keep your room neat all the time.

Say goodbye to hot mess and hello to the gorgeous realm of mom-approved cleanliness.

1. Everything you own has it’s purpose

Make sure that every thing you own has it’s purpose. Even if you’re not into minimalism and keeping stuff that ‘spark joy,’ it’s important to be intentional with everything you own. If you have stuff leftover from abandoned hobbies (which you don’t plan to take up again), get rid of that to make more space for yourself.

2. Create a system

Is your stuff absolutely everywhere? Like, accessories all over the place – your earrings are in your cupboard, where you left them last, and some on your dressing table? And when you’re missing one out of the pair, all hell breaks loose. If you find this happening to yourself, you need a system.

Your earrings belong to the dressing table, your makeup on one side and your important work stuff need a corner it belongs in. In the perfect system that is your bedroom, everything has it’s place,

3. Put your stuff away

Instead of letting your stuff sit on the floor while you go relax in a cosy corner of your room, put them away first. If you’re tempted to put your clothes on the floor after you come home, don’t do it – and tell yourself to put the laundry where it belongs, and it’s not on the floor! Sure, it may seem like a hassle then, but doing these little things straightaway will make your life much easier in the long run.