3 Ways Essential Oils Can Elevate Your Luxurious Bath Experience

While bubble baths transform your bathtub into a hot, glittery mess, they contain only a smidge of essential oils (which are supposed to be really good for your skin).

We’ve heard of these oils, and we’re pretty sure you have some lying at home in your aromatherapy kit.

Well, now it’s time to bring these essential oils out and turn your bath into a DIY spa.

1. Essential oils can moisturise your acne-prone skin

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Babes with oily or acne-prone skin may be wary of adding essential oils into their body or skincare routine due to the texture of the oils. However, it’s safe to say that essential oils don’t cause acne (thank goodness, here’s one thing we can all enjoy together). In fact, they pretty much reduce inflammation and prevent clogged pores, according to Hollywood celebrity dermatologist Harold Lancer, MD.

2. These oils are organic & mild

If you have sensitive skin, maybe you should give essential oils a try, as long as they’re the organic kind and not acidic in nature. These oils are extracted from a variety of flowers and plants through a distillation process, in which all the good essences are extracted from the plants. Essential oils are often used topically, and mixing it up in a hot bath can be a great source of aromatherapy to benefit your mental health.

3. The best essential oils are those that suit your mood

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While it’s not hard to pick your favourite essential oils out from the bunch, it’s always best to go with the type of oil that suits your mood, to make the most of your bath. If you’re keen to relax, choose plant-based essential oils like lavender, rose or ylang-ylang. Citrus-based essential oils like oranges and lemons would be suitable to re-energize you. Mix this up with scented candles, bath bombs, bubbles and your “me time” would feel so wonderfully luxurious, we’d envy you.