3 Types Of Hairstyles For Greasy Hair Days

For us girls, we’re simply thankful to have good hair days, but not every day is like that.

Sometimes, we get bad hair days, and there are other days when our hair feels greasier than ever, and you can’t go back home to wash it because most of us gotta work. Even celebrities get bad hair days, and they probably have some stylish solutions in hand!

On a greasy hair day when dry shampoo doesn’t do much, here are three types of easy hairstyles you can do to hide your natural hair oils.

1. A sleek ponytail

Source: Pinterest / Vanessa Hudgens

Your natural hair oils can help you achieve a sleek, sophisticated ponytail, leaving you looking like a complete H-to-T girl boss. Your hair looks like it’s slicked-back, and not greasy (even though it probably is!). Instead of a messy ponytail, use this look to slay office meetings and shake things up in presentations.

Style it up with bobby pins or use some strands of hair to hide the hair tie for a professional appearance. If you’ve got a curling iron, use it to add some texture to your ponytail.

2. Cute plaits

Source: Pinterest / HyunA

It’s easier to keep your plaits neater with your hair’s natural oils. These plaits will keep the oils off your face too if your skin is the sensitive type. You can choose between different types of easy plaits, or just braid them into two tails and secure them with rubber bands. Style will follow suit throughout the day as your hairstyle loosens up.

3. Sun’s out, buns out

Source: Pinterest / Kendall Jenner

Keeping your hair in a bun is just one way to hide greasiness or make it look sleek and intentional. Use a low bun hairstyle if you want to go for the boss lady look or choose a tousled topknot for something more stylish that’ll keep your natural hair oils hidden.