3 Types Of Emotional Cheating That You May Be Guilty Of

Cheating. We know it’s wrong, painful and leads to a horrible breakup. While it’s easy to identify the physical-kind of cheating, emotional cheating, on the other hand, is pretty vague.

Emotional cheating can be defined into three categories; restriction, unbalanced emotional connection and intimacy preparation. Unknowingly, you could be committing emotional cheating!

1. Restriction

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It’s the most common type of emotional cheating. This happens when you keep secrets from your partner of another relationship. It’s you being secretive of forming another connection with someone else without your partner knowing partly or fully.

Although there might not be any physical intimacy, like your cute colleague, you restricting your partner from knowing this person or the extent of your relationship is a form of emotional cheating.

2. Unbalanced Emotional Connection

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You know the saying, in a relationship, there’s always one who loves the other more. That could be true but your S.O should still mean that much to you that you would want them to be the first to know when something big happens in your life.

But when they’re not and you think of telling the other guy your news, it’s a form of emotional cheating. Your closest and most intimate relationship shouldn’t be someone other than your partner!

3. Intimacy Preparation
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You fantasizing of what it’s like to be in a relationship with that someone is a form of cheating. Not only that, if you chose to work towards being closer with the other person like flirting. it’s also considered emotional cheating. There may not be any sleeping around activities but you’re indulging in the possibility of you in it.