3 TV Shows That Proved Women & Men Can’t Be Just Friends

Can the opposite sex just be friends? This question has been long debated over the years. In a recent PillowTalk episode, we invited Radio Personality Guibo from Fly AM Mayhem to discuss this hot topic.

According to Guibo, the answer is a definite YES but then reveals that one of his female friends actually FELL for him! How is that a platonic relationship? You can watch the full video right here.

Honestly, can men and women have a platonic relationship? These three TV shows prove otherwise. Here are all the on-screen series that shows a platonic relationship doesn’t exist.

1. Rachel & Joey from ‘Friends’

Rachel and Joey started off as just FRIENDS before they both developed “feelings” for each other. Naturally, things start to happen because, hey, they’re living under one roof!

When they finally decided to be in a relationship in season ten, things got pretty awkward. Joey and Rachel couldn’t get through sexual intimacy because let’s be real, it was just weird. Remember when Joey tried touching Rachel’s boobs? WEIRD.

2. Barney and Robin in ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Another TV show that proves platonic relationships doesn’t exist. They were in the same circle of friends when they were casually sleeping together for the summer which then led to feelings. They ultimately got divorced two years after getting married.

3. Dan and Vanessa from ‘Gossip Girl’ 

These two had been best friends since they were kids yet it shows that Vanessa had feelings for Dan all these while. She even felt jealous of Serena! But even when they were dating other people, they both tend to have feelings for each other. Did this just prove that platonic relationship doesn’t exist? Let us know what you think.