3 Steps To Make Your Lips Naturally Plump With Gua Sha

Instagrammable lips are a thing of the future, lip fillers are constantly being sought-out in the market for their lip-enhancing properties. Hey, if your lips look good, you’ve got your life sorted.

Not much is being said about natural lip-plumping techniques, but the gua sha is one of them. While you can always opt for fillers, those of us who prefer less injections would probably appreciate having this option.

Here are 3 easy steps to get Instagrammable, plump lips, with gua sha. If you have fillers though, it’s best to wait until they’ve dissolved before trying this technique.

1. Choose the right tool

First of all, you’ll need to procure a gua sha with a “comb” edge. The uniquely-shaped edge is used to stimulate blood circulation to the surface of your lips. Without this, you probably won’t get the lips of your dreams.

2. Prep your skin

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Get a bottle of toner and face oil to prep the skin around your face and neck. This helps the surface of your skin to retain moisture during the process of the gua sha massage.

3. Massage your lips

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Move the gua sha comb along the perimeter of your lips fast enough so that it causes some friction. This friction will increase blood circulation to the surface of your skin. Be gentle on your lips and try to avoid touching them with the gua sha tool. The skin on your lips are highly sensitive and may not withstand the pressure.