3 Simple Ways To Help Moms In Need This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is realll soon, it’s this Sunday (the 10th of May). If you have never failed to honour the women (I say women because in our lives we’ve got multiple mother figures – grandmas’ and aunts’ included) who have struggled and done their best for us daily, you’re doing things right. However, it is a sad truth that some mothers are missing this support and find themselves struggling alone. Being a single parent is never easy. They too only wish to give their children the best possible in their lives. Why not extend the reach of your love a little wider this year and put that warmth in the hearts of other women who have been deprived of that love?


Here are 3 NGOs’ doing their parts and how you can help them help more mothers’ this Mother’s Day:


Rumah Kita

Since its beginnings in May 2015, the NGO “Rumah Kita Transit Home” has been providing abandoned single pregnant mothers with basic housing, maternity and baby care. Their aim is to bring down baby dumping cases in Malaysia. The home is able to house up to 20 mothers, providing that they either have the approval of their Guardians or if they are referred to them by Social Services. Rumah Kita has a small group of part-time volunteers managing operations, finance, fundraising and social media. The NGO is located in Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Their most recent post is asking for baju raya and tudung for their mummies, babies, newborns and toddlers who are in their transit home.



Women of Will

Women Of Will transforms the lives of disadvantaged women in Malaysia and their communities through micro-credit financing combined with an Entrepreneurial Development Programme. Through a micro-credit financing model combined with an Entrepreneurial Development Programme, we aim to equip these women with the skills and knowledge to develop and run sustainable businesses. These women are single mothers, widows, abandoned or abused women and women with incapacitated husbands living in poverty.

Contribute to their cause by volunteering with them or get in contact with them to find out how you can help them help women in need.




Women’s Aid Organisation

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We apologise for the miscalculation made in the statistics for April 2020. In actuality, WAO had received a total of 898 enquiries, which comprises of 422 calls and 476 WhatsApp/SMS from our helplines. As the number of cases increase in the coming weeks, WAO is in need of monetary funds to support our survivors throughout the MCO period. Help us support our survivors and continue our life-saving work. ACCOUNT NAME : WOMEN'S AID ORGANISATION BANK ACCOUNT : CIMB BANK BERHAD ACCOUNT NO. : 80-0238299-7 All donations above 50 ringgit will receive a tax exempt receipt. (https://forms.gle/qAAM9FDDkR53hhVbA) Your donation will help WAO to operate : – WAO's 24 hour hotline and TINA WhatsApp / SMS service – Counselling services – The Women's Refuge – The Child Care Centre – Social Work – Operations

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Since 1982, the Women’s Aid Organisation has provided free crisis support and shelter to women and children who face abuse. Today, they are the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia. They inform survivors of their rights and options so that they can make the best decisions for themselves. They also run programmes to help women rebuild their lives after abuse.

Here’s how you can help other mothers’ and women:

  • Donate to WOA – So they can continue to provide free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who experience violence to allow them to heal and
  • Sponsor a child – Leaving an abusive home is simply the first step for many domestic violence survivors. After leaving, she needs to rebuild her life, often from scratch, and find ways to support her children. Their child sponsorship programme gives women and their children temporary help after they have left the WOA crisis shelter. Donations are channelled directly to the mothers, to help support their children’s education and living expenses.


Why not set a new tradition for Mother’s Day this way?



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