3 Signs Your Ex Regrets Breaking Up With You

In the midst of a breakup, there’s probably someone who regrets it.

Maybe you were everything to them, maybe breaking up was a mistake, and either way, it’s difficult to realize that you want something when you’ve lost it.

Here are 3 signs that prove your ex regrets breaking up with you (and 3 ways you can deal with it).

1. They try to communicate with you

Even if they’ve ghosted you in the past, if your ex regrets breaking up with you, he or she will soon begin seeking your company. They’ll try to communicate with you, probably via text, and make small talk. They’ll probably ask how you’re doing and if you’ve been seeing anyone new. If your ex is trying their best to be friendly with you, it could mean that they regret breaking up with you.

What can you do about it? We can’t be too quick to judge their intentions, even if we knew our exes well, once. The nicest we can do is be respectful, cordial, and respond to their messages. However, if you’ve already moved on, let him know, and consider if you can both just stay friends.

2. Your ex apologises for the breakup and says it’s their fault

If a person regrets breaking up with you, they’ll probably want you back in their life. Your ex will start giving you the apology you deserve, even if it’s too late or you’ve moved onto another relationship. Your ex may want a second chance to start on a clean slate, a new relationship with an old flame.

What can you do about it? You’re probably aware that it usually takes two to break up, even if one person initiates it. Accept the apology from your ex and take it slow from here. If you want to start a new relationship on a clean slate like your ex does, you could give it a try and learn from what happened in the past.

3. They try to be friends with your friends/ family

No-one can edge their way into someone’s family like Scott Disick did, but if a person totally regrets breaking up with you, they’ll probably try to be friends with your friends and family members. This is one way to get closer to you and to make sure they’re always within your company. They’ll probably praise you in front of them, or ask how you’re getting on.

What can you do about it? If you think this is just plain creepy, tell your ex to stay away from your friends and family. However, if you were both really close, like childhood besties, you probably share the same circle of friends already. You can, of course, communicate clearly that you only want to stay friends, and remind your friends that you’ve broken up already so they don’t play matchmaker.