3 Signs That Proves You’re The Rebound Girl

How can you tell if you’re just a rebound? That is the million-dollar question when you date someone who’ve just gotten out of a long-term relationship.

Are they emotionally stable or could they be using you as a distraction? Nobody wants to be the rebound – you don’t want to be chic he calls in the middle of the night at 3am!

Serena In from The Mind tells Likely, one of the reasons people tend to have rebounds is that they’ve not healed from the previous relationship.

“If a person has not given themselves space and time to grieve the loss of that relationship on their own, that’s already not a good sign. You’re jumping right to the next person.”  If you have your doubts, here are 3 major signs that the dude you’re with is just using you as a rebound.

1. They always bring up the ex

If the person you’re with now often brings up dirt on their ex and compares you to them, then you’re in trouble. It doesn’t have to be a negative comparison, it can be positive too but the keyword is ‘compared’.  For example, the constant reassurance that you are better than their ex. It’s just a sign that they’ve not healed.

2. You have tons of sex 

While there so many other reasons to why you both are having a ton of great sex, rebounders might use sex to distract themselves from the pain. If it’s just sex without any emotional, serious talk, take it as a warning sign.

3. It’s a hot and cold relationship 

Just like Katy Perry’s song, ‘Hot N Cold’ that’s how their relationship is with you. Sometimes, they can’t get enough of you but there are days where they don’t even care about you. When you go out, it’s like a ticking time bomb, are they moody or is it all going to be butterflies? Confront them and get to the point, you don’t want to be someone else’s spare tire!

If you’re searching for more signs on whether you should date that person right now, watch Likely’s Pillow Talk featuring Psychologist Serena In.