3 Signs That Prove You’re Not 100% ‘In Love’ With Your Partner

As people, we’re attracted to other people all the time, and if we’re lucky enough, we start dating them.

It’s all fun and exciting… until the sparks fade and you’re questioning if you were ever in love with this person. This doesn’t mean you’re in a toxic relationship. You’re probably just not in love with your partner

Someone had to say this! Read on to find out the three signs that prove you’re not 100% ‘in love’ with your partner. Maybe it’s time to take a break.

1. You only miss him when you’re alone

Oops! It’s understandable that you’d feel most alone when you’re actually alone, but what if you miss your partner only then? This means being away from work, friend, and your partner himself makes you miss your partner.

When you’ve got your friends around, you don’t miss him at all. Your partner may be filling up a void in your life, but it’s probably a void of time. In this case, you’d rather have just anyone around instead of just dealing with loneliness.

2. You hope your partner will change their ways… eventually

We’re all just human so it’s just natural that some of our habits would be more annoying than others. You can be complete opposites with your partner and still have a healthy relationship together. However, if you’re constantly wishing that your partner would behave differently (this only works if it’s not a harmful type of behavior), maybe you’re not 100% in love with him at all.

You either accept this behavior or you don’t. It’s better to seek people whose values align with yours. Don’t settle for someone who can’t make you completely happy.

3. The thought of spending ~ forever ~ together makes you cringe

In relationships, there are times when we try not to think too far into the future because we either don’t know, or we’re afraid of jinxing it. However, if the thought of spending a long time, like decades, with your partner seems daunting, maybe it’s just time to find someone else or be on your own. Forever may sound dramatic but that’s kinda what married people do. Think about it – do you really want to be with this person for the rest of your life?