4 Signs His Female Friend Might Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

You’ve got this gut feeling telling you this girl who keeps hanging around your boyfriend is bad news. But how can you tell him how you really feel about his best girl-friend without being mistaken as “jealous”? Not only will he say “there’s nothing going on” but also “It’s all in your head”.

But is it really just all in your head? Most likely, NO.

Just yesterday, Bella Astillah, wife of famous singer-actor, Aliff Aziz, uploaded a shocking post on Instagram. Her husband was caught cheating again but this time, with actress, Oktovia Manrose.

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Assalammualaikum, AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN. . . Sejak kes yang dulu, saya berikan peluang pada dia sebab setiap manusia buat kesilapan dan sebab saya pandang anak saya. But what I’ve been through korang takkan boleh imagine. Selepas Aliff habis shoot telemovie baru2 ni dia buat hal lagi dengan heroin yang bekerja dgn dia dlm tele tu. 2 hari sebelum habis shoot, dia dah start berkelakuan lain di mana dia dah tukar password phone dan bila saya paksa buka phone, dia buka tapi dia pandai dia dah delete whatsapp dia dengan heroin tu. Saya cakap dgn dia I’m not a kid kalau tak ada apapa kenapa perlu delete? So saya nakkan kepastian saya call heroin tersebut jawapan dia kepada saya “Ya Allah bella takde apapa pun, kenapa Aliff buat hal lagi ke? Boleh tak bagi Via jumpa dia Via nak cakap dgn dia ‘BACK TO ALLAH’ “ rupanya org yang nasihat dan comfort saya ni org yang sama2 pergi club dgn Aliff, menari2 peluk dan mabuk sama2. Saya bila solat saya minta Allah beri petunjuk tentang rumahtangga saya, tak sangka doa saya dijawab dengan begitu cepat. Sangat cepat. Saya terkejut. Terima kasih kepada Insan yg dm saya kalau tak, saya ni takkan tahu apapa hanya dgn Ayden je kat rumah. Ingat, hiburan dunia ni hanya sementara. Kepada Aliff; kalau awak rasa bahagia dgn kehidupan mcm tu dan dah jumpa pasangan terbaik yang awak rasa serasi boleh pergi club sama2 yang boleh jaga makan minum pakai awak, teruskan.

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Her post translates, “He started behaving differently by changing the password of his phone. He deletes the Whatsapp conversation between him and the actress. I wanted answers, so I called her and she assured me there’s nothing going on. She even asked if Aliff (cheated) again, saying if he did, she would like to talk to him to bring back to Allah. Apparently, the same person who gave me advice and comforted me is the same person who when clubbing, partying and drinking with Aliff.”

It hurts when things like this happen. Don’t be oblivious, here are three signs your man’s female friend is sabotaging your relationship. Owh, hell no!

1. She fights for his attention 

Sometimes, it feels like the two of you are seeking for his approval and attention on who is the best. From birthday gifts to giving advises, she’s out to take your place — or at least, it feels like it. The topic of conversation always leads back to her. Say if your man compliments your cooking for the night, she may say things, “But I thought you liked mine better?” Then you may want to take a step back and look at the relationship of your boyfriend’s female friend.

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2. You are treated like the third-wheel 

There are moments when you feel left out and so out of place with them, like you just crashed a party for two. At times, you don’t even feel comfortable hanging out with the two of them because then comes the “O.M.G, did you remember when” and lots of inside jokes.

Not only that, your input into a situation or problem gets disregarded. Even it’s supposed to be just between the two of you. It’s like your boyfriend’s problem is her problem too. Also, it’s a little weird if you both aren’t friends on social media. Awkward!

3. Touchy-feely, like really

Call it intuition but a woman knows when a girl is flirting the fork out. If you notice gestures like sitting too close to each other, playfully hits him when he cracks a joke and gives him the “look”. You know something must be up because that’s how you look at him. No matter how long they’ve been friends for, there are still boundaries that should be respected when a friend enters in a relationship.

4. She’s Too Nice! 

Sometimes it really feels like she’s being too nice. She assures and comforts you. It seems like she’s ‘the’ shoulder for you to lean on. But you know what they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer. Besides, you’ll look good in his books when you becomes buddies with his female BFF.

Above all, when you feel something’s not right, it could be true. Just trust your instincts!


  • Aiem


    Believe me, trust your guts!

    Ive caught my ex cheated on me with my own good friend (used to be). They did some hanky panky things for almost a year behind my back.

    I can feel somethingis not right during that time. For months ive been thinking that shes not loyal and been stabing me behind my back while i was around when she needs me the most.

    They slept together for so many times, what ive seen and what ive red is not acceptable! It cant be forgiven.

    *sorry for the bad grammatical error.

    3 March 2019