3 Significant Ways Millennial Moms Differ From Their Own Moms

Have you ever wondered what kind of mother you’ll be one day? Whether you’ll be like your traditional mom or a modern millennial mom. Growing up in today’s era, a lot has definitely changed since our mother’s time. Back then, there were no fancy equipment to assist in childcare and no Google!

We know what’s a traditional mom – basically they’re every 90’s baby mother, strict, not afraid to speak their mind, making us sh*t scared to answer them back. Have you ever been hit by a flying slipper? YAAAAA.

Millennial moms on the other hand, are us who are BORN in the 80’s and 90’s. We grew up in the first decade of the new millennium and have been introduced to the dial-up internet (not even Streamyx), social platforms like messenger, Friendster. Those born after that don’t exactly understand the hardship we’ve been through.  So yes, as millennials we’re doing okay with technology!

Because of that big distinction, our mindset differs from our moms because we’re more exposed to cultures and rules of the outside. If you’re a young mother, Googling how to raise your kid is more common than asking their mom.

Here’s how different our  traditional mothers were compared to millennial mothers.

1. To “rotan” or to not “rotan” (aka cane) 

Personally speaking from experiences, I’ve had it all! From then hanger to the pipe and whatever is the nearest item my mom could grab. Back the, moms were like tigresses and they aren’t afraid to scold and punish you if you’ve done wrong. In 2014, a Malaysian couple got jailed by a Swedish court for smacking and caning their children! Which is totally normal for us.

But now, there’s a fine line between teaching kids a lesson and child abuse. Honestly, if we were to raise our kids just like how our moms did, we would totally be receiving backlash from netizens. Speaking of, listen to our podcast on “Would You Leash Your Kids?” below:

Backlash for disciplining kids

Recently, Datuk Aliff Syukri got into some serious backlash from social media after he posted a video on Instagram showing him applying ointment on his injured 9 year old daughter for disciplining her for taking off her hijab. While he takes a stance as a father, it still shows how caning a kid is frown up society nowadays. Instead millennials prefer to talk it out and explain why their actions were wrong.

Caning could be a form of child abuse

Although, caning was in their best interest to discipline us, according to Ask Legal, it could fall as child abuse under Child Act 2001. If it leave bruises, marks, or scars on his/her body, could be guilty of the offence and liable to a fine up to RM 50,000, and/ or 20 years imprisonment.

2. Being firm vs using a smartphone to make them quiet 

Let’s be honest, most of us hate doing this. It’s not that millennial moms don’t know the side effects of using phones too often but the kids are born as tech-savvy geniuses. One way to save everyone from creating a scene is by letting the kids watch Baby Shark on YouTube! Who knows if you’ll ever get to complete your groceries list if you followed your mom’s way? And that is by putting your foot down that “no means no”. Most likely no.

It’s really funny how our mom managed to control us without using phones to distract us!

3. Old-fashion photo album vs Instagram & Facebook

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Those days, photos of you were meant to embarrass you among your close family, friends and boyfriends/husband. Now, your embarrassing photos are for the world to see! Young moms are creating baby accounts on Instagram for you to follow their child’s journey.

Branded before they even know money’s worth 

Some are even branding their child as “influencers”. Well, if you’re going to make the child work, hopefully their hard earned money goes into their trust fund!

PSA : If you are doing this, just be careful because you could be risking your child’s safety from pedophiles. To protect the child’s safety, countries like Kenya has passed a law in which posting photos of their children online is now illegal as it may be interpreted as child pornography!

Although the moms generation differs, there’s no doubt we that we still carry our mother’s ways (perhaps a little modernised) in our motherhood journey. Like the old saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Happy Mother’s Day Superwomen!