3 Shocking Ways Air Conditioning Can Keep You Healthy!

Who knew that air conditioning could have so many health benefits?


Compared to the weather in 1990, Malaysians are experiencing a  27% increase in the number of hot days in a year. A study published by The New York Times has shown that by 2075, Malaysians could be looking at 333 days of heat in a year. With that being said, there’s no doubt about it, a good AC unit is what we need to get through the sweltering humidity of Malaysian weather. But of course, with the number of times our mothers have told us “don’t sleep with the air conditioner on or you will get sick”, many of us are left wondering, is using the AC healthy?


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 Rest assured, the answer is yes – here’s why.



1. It improves air quality and can help you sleep better.

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According to Mayo Clinic, a good air conditioner will not only reduce the humidity in your room, but it can also work to filter the air. For people with asthma, sleeping with the air conditioner on can reduce asthma symptoms as it circulates the air and filters out mildew, pollen, mold and dust. Without these triggers, people with asthma can breathe easier and, subsequently, sleep better.



2. It prevents your body (and your electronic devices) from overheating. 

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A study by Yale researchers has shown that using air conditioning lowers the risk of hospitalization and deaths related to cardiovascular issues (i.e. heart attacks) because of its ability to reduce the risk of heatstroke. Meanwhile, in the same way that the heat can cause us damage, it can also damage our electronics. Devices that overheat are more likely to have a shorter lifespan.



3. It allows for increased work performance.

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Our minds and bodies tend to become more sluggish when it’s humid. Our movements start to slow down and all we start thinking about is a cool dip in the pool, the feel of an ocean breeze or a nice, cold ice cream. However, as it turns out, there’s a scientific reason for why our minds start to slow down when we feel hot. In an article by Scientific American, when we’re exposed to heat, our body is using up all our energy working hard to regulate our body temperature. This means that we have less energy to think, much less work. Plus, while all this is happening, our heart rates are going up, making it easier for us to lose our tempers, too. This is why many offices that have invested in good air conditioners have reported experiencing a higher percentage of efficiency, decision making and overall employee happiness than those that have not. Maintaining a cool environment (key point: cool, not cold! If it is too cold, your body will need to regulate its temperature as well) is important in order to work and live a balanced life. 



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Of course, this is all after taking into account the fact that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape and regularly maintained. However, when you’re constantly finding yourself swept up by the fast pace of life, it is easy to forget about maintaining your air conditioner. 


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The best way of reducing the risks associated with the use of air conditioners is to use the most efficient and low maintenance option. With Midea Airstill Split-type Inverter Air-conditioner Cooling Inverter Series, you get the benefit of…



The World’s 1st Twin Flap air conditioner. Rather than merely blasting cold air in a singular direction, the holes help to disperse cool air evenly throughout the room. In this way, you get a soft breeze of cool air with no noise (its aerodynamically designed air duct minimizes noise) so you can sleep soundly in a cool, quiet room.


(Source: Midea Scott English Electronics)


The Midea Airstill has a high-speed fan, powerful compressor and a design that allows for 180-degree airflow so your room can be cooled in 40 seconds – imagine being able to beat the heat in less than a minute!


(Source: Midea Scott English Electronics)


It’s low maintenance too with its own self-cleaning function. It spins its fan in reverse, removing condensed water and eliminating bacteria from within the unit.


(Source: Midea Scott English Electronics)


PLUS – it’s easy to control even when you’re not at home. The MideaAIR app allows you to turn on your A/C away from home, control its humidity level and can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature while you sleep – no more worrying about freezing or sweating with our Malaysian weather that is sometimes hot, suddenly downpouring, then hot again.



Want to find out more? Contact them today or head on down to the nearest Midea sales centre to check out a unit for yourself!




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