3 Reasons Why You’re Sleepy Even When It’s Not Bedtime

Sleepiness is pretty common these days. Who hasn’t experienced that mid-afternoon slump when we simply doze off in front of the TV, even though that episode of Friends was pretty funny?

Yep, you know that feeling. Sleepiness comes at a price, even though you probably got enough sleep last night.

The question is – why are we so sleepy? Maybe we’re secretly cats in human bodies, but thankfully, here are three valid reasons why your eyelids may be feeling heavier than usual.

1. Inability to sleep well at night

Some of us may be in bed for 8 hours at night but how many of those hours are actually dedicated to a good night’s sleep? Quality sleep matters more than it’s quantity. Poor sleeping habits can be caused by snoring, insomnia, depression and stress. It’s best to dim the lights and keep your phone away for at least an hour before you fall asleep. You can also try moon breathing for better quality sleep.

2. Low blood sugar

Most days, our blood sugar drops to it’s lowest at 3PM and that’s when we start thinking that the office could really, really use a nap room (*hint hint, boss). The slump it blood sugar leaves us groggy and unfocused, so much so that some of us would be better off with a sugary snack. To avoid this slump, choose vegetables over carbs for lunch, but who can say no to rice, right?

3. If you’re a woman, you probably need more sleep than men

We’re not being sexist, there are reasons for this. And it’s true, women do need more shut-eye than men. Women tend to be light sleepers and their sleep can be disturbed due to reasons such as menopause and childbirth. So, girl, hit the snooze button if you need to. It’s better to snooze now than doze off at 3PM when you’re swamped with work.