3 Reasons Why You Should Totally Get Together With A Rebound Guy

In the midst of crying, binge eating and cursing that douche who broke your heart, we would fall into this thing called -rebound. Traditionally, most of us would agree that this could be a self-destructive move. Your friends may have divided opinions on this too. Some may be all up for you rebounding but for others is a big NO-NO!

Surprisingly, being a rebound relationship can actually do you some good. The reality is that we don’t even know that we’re in a rebound relationship until it hit us one day! So why is it bad if we enjoy being in it?

1. A reminder that you’re not going to be alone forever 

It’s perfectly normal to feel like we’re going to die alone after a break-up, especially if its a bad one. Rebound relationships remind you that you can still find love elsewhere, even if it means being in a ‘temporary relationship’ with a rebound dude.

2. Helps you to get over your ex 

Moving on is definitely easier said than done and a lot harder if you’re the type to constantly monitor their social media. Your rebound partner may just help distract things for a bit. According to a study done by the University of Toronto, the researchers found that hooking up with a new person can make them feel less attached to their ex, which helps the moving on process easier.

3. Recognise that you don’t need to be in a serious relationship all the time 

Sure it’s nice to be a serious, committed relationship. But that doesn’t you can’t enjoy the journey of finding ‘the one’. There’ll be ups and downs, plus you get to learn what you want and what you need for your future relationships.