3 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Social Media Detox

Here’s a New year challenge for you, go on a social media detox! Some may think it’s an easy task for you to do but to others, it’s pretty hard to break away from the chains of social media.

Everything is all about social media nowadays, we’ve created this image of statuses based on the number of followers we own, judged by the photos we put up, and even to a point where we feel pressured to manage our social media account perfectly.
We crave for likes, and if it does not meet our expectations, we get stressed out or even become depressed. But the weird thing is, we should seek attention, not from our loved ones from online strangers. Hence why you should at least once in your life go on a social media detox (or once every year – if you can handle it).

1. Realising the False Reality

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We often selectively post what we want the other social media users to see. This will then allow everyone to flaunt their good sides while hiding their bad ones. True that.

In all honesty, there aren’t many profiles on social media that truly shows a person for who they really are. It’s filtered and edited. The worst part: we know this, yet we choose to ignore it and compare our lives with the lives of our friends based on their social media posts. This can sometimes be frustrating and to a point, make us fall into depression.

2. Affects Our Mental Health

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Talking about depression, a number of studies have actually linked social media with anxiety, isolation and yes, depression. Research shows that users of old and young fall into the pressure of the unachievable standards of beauty and success on social platforms. Plus, while social media was created to connect us to anyone in the world, research has also found out that we are lonelier and more isolated than ever.

3. Toxic and Harmful to Relationships 

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Another way that social media has contributed to the loneliness factor, creating a barrier between us and our loved ones in real life. This happens when you’re too caught up in “social media” fame, living up to your “fans” and forget about spending time with friends and family. Say you’re out with friends for drinks, and everyone has made time to catch up with each other, but the only thing your too busy focusing on your phone.

Another situation is when you become insensitive to what you post on social media especially when it involves other people like unintentionally posting unflattering photos of them. Going on a detox will help to focus on building relationships and to just live in the moment instead of worrying about what photos to post.