3 Reasons Why Playing Hard To Get May Not Be Good For You

Just before we get into relationships, some of us play hard to get. We reply texts late, say “I’ll think about it,” in our poshest voice, and probably won’t be the first ones to ever confess.

And we don’t blame anyone for that. We don’t want to appear “easy” and we don’t want to get played in a relationship, hence we play hard to get right?

It’s supposed to be good for us, but ultimately, you may end up playing yourself, and here’s why.

1. You may miss out on a great relationship

Playing hard to get gives the impression that you’re not interested in pursuing a relationship with this person, but what if you are? What if it’s too late? While it may seem attractive to ‘play it cool,’ the right person (who probably adores you, by the way) will really like you for who you are, even if you do seem a bit too eager to date this person.

2. Your date will have no idea that you like him

Okay, we’re just gonna say it. Guys are pretty oblivious to flirty vibes. To flirt with a guy, you have to actually, you know, flirt. Playing hard to get will only make him think that you’re just not that into him, and that’s not even true! Even if you’re a massive flirt, at least you’re telling the guy that you like him and potentially sparking the joy of a new relationship.

3. Making the first move can actually be really cool

… or at least, cooler than playing hard to get. Gone are the days when faking it ’til you make it works in relationships. These days, millennial men crave realness, and they want a budding relationship that has substance in it. You wouldn’t want a guy to play hard to get with you, so why do the same to him? If you’re interested, show it, and everything else will follow through.