3 Reasons Why Getting A Degree Will Put You Ahead In Your Career

“It’s just a piece of paper.”

“You’ll never use it in real life.”

“No one looks at your degree.”


There’s so much more to getting a degree than obtaining “just a piece of paper”. 


It’s where some of your best memories are made with people who share the same goals.

It’s where you’re first introduced to the world of possibilities within your field of study. 

And the university is also where you meet some of the most inspiring mentors and leaders. 


With more students sharing their woes about how they don’t seem to benefit from their degrees on social media, it is often difficult to see how spending years getting a degree is worth it. Moreover, what do you do if you aren’t sure what field you’d like to work in? Or, on the flip side, is it worth it if you are looking to change jobs in favour of a better-paying one? As it turns out, not having a degree could mean that you’re losing out on a lot more than you think. Here are three reasons why you’d benefit more as a graduate –



1. People with degrees have a higher success rate when job hunting.

The truth is that in today’s economy, options for jobs for non-degree holders is shrinking. With how volatile the economy is now, companies do not have the time to invest in training and grooming employees with little to no experience. The hit that companies have taken as a result of COVID-19 has increased Malaysia’s unemployment rate to 3.5% in Q1 of 2020, with a majority of the group (6.9%) being those within the 15 to 30 age bracket. Over 80 per cent of jobs in four of the fastest-growing occupations— healthcare, STEM, education, and government services—demand postsecondary education. It was also predicted that by 2020  – “nearly two-thirds of all jobs will require post-secondary education and training.” Looks like that number is indeed accurate. In 2010, 59% of jobs required post-secondary education, in 2018 the number rose to 70%.  With that being said, it is no doubt that having a degree puts you a step ahead of those without one.



2. The ever-increasing demand for trained/skilled labour in the job market.

Current labour force trends are suggesting that jobs in this day and age are more readily available for those with degrees. This is not only because of the technical and theoretical benefits that come with having a degree but because of the EQ skill that is built when one is in university. More often than not, the fact that you went to university to study is more impressive than what exactly it was you studied. This is because university students are trained to be more analytical, have more critical thinking when tackling complex subjects and are more able to communicate their ideas. Not only that, with how rigorous coursework tends to be, students also pick up organisational skills, self-discipline and independence as well as professionalism. After all, employers are looking for people management, decision-making abilities and negotiation skills (exactly what you need to navigate those pesky group assignments!).



3. With a degree, you can earn more and create more opportunities through networking.

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There’s no doubt about it, the difference in earning power of those with degrees and those without is shocking. According to a report by the College board, individuals with bachelor’s degrees will earn USD$400,000 (almost RM1.7 million) more in their lifetimes than those who only have high school certifications. So, if you are striving for a high paying job, it is more likely that your pay will reflect how high your level of education is. The higher your level of education, the higher you can expect your salary to be.


Not to mention the fact that; in addition to more pay, you also get more connections. University is the best time to build and maintain your professional network as you meet people within your field who share the same goals and those who have already climbed the ladder ahead of you. In having this network and support system, you will be able to have mentors and guidance from those with more experience – people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.


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So whether or not you choose to do a degree to propel you forward in your career or simply for better and more lucrative opportunities for yourself, there are definite pros to committing to a degree. And what better way to grow your professional network and create a brighter future for yourself than exploring the options open to you? But, let’s face it, there are so many options that it’s tiring just trying to find what’s best for you. After all, there are so many different factors to consider. Do they have the course you want? Do they have scholarship options? Is it hard to apply? Relax; we’ve narrowed down the options for you!



Walk the same path as Malaysia’s first astronaut to go into space, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, and one of the top doctors in the world – Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah – who both happen to be UKM alums!


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Pic – UKM 50 tahun … Semoga semua sihat sejahtera. Saya Warga universiti keramat ini. Detik yang ditunggu, dikira bertahun, di war-war sekian lama, kini tiba waktunya. Selamat menyambut ulangtahun ke 50 UKM. Universiti yang tertubuh dengan keinginan ‘rakyat’ yang amat sangat untuk melihat sebuah universiti kebangsaan terbina. Kita berterima kasih pada semua yang telah menyumbang dari seawal ianya diilhamkan. Apa jua peranannya, setiap seorang adalah Warga berjasa. Semoga Allah SWT merahmati semuanya. Kita Warga UKM hari ini mewarisi universiti yang sarat amanatnya. Bukan amanat biasa tetapi amanat yang nenuntut kita memenuhinya bersungguh-sungguh dengan penuh keikhlasan, tanpa penyudahnya. Kita Pendaulat Amanah Negara. Sempena 50 tahun UKM, dengan roh penubuhannya, marilah kita menilai sejauhmana kita telah memenuhi amanat berzaman ini. Sudahkan kita… …Mengilham harapan …Mencipta masa depan …Menyepadukan iman kepada Allah dengan ilmu yang bermanfaat …Menggabungan teori dengan amal …Mengembangkan ilmu …Membina masyarakat terpelajar …Membangunkan Universiti …Menjadi Universiti terkehadapan …Mendahului langkah masyarakat dan zamannya …Membentuk masyarakat dinamik, berilmu dan berakhlak mulia …Menjadi Universiti terpilih …Memartabat bahasa Melayu …Mensejagatkan ilmu beracuan budaya kebangsaan. Jangan sesekali kita ketepikan amanat ini. Jangan sesekali kita lupa amanat ini. Jangan sesekali menjadikannya malap. Membaranya amanat ini adalah tanggungjawab kita semua. Mesti dipahat dalam. Mesti dipasti kekal berzaman. Kita kemudikan universiti ini dengan penuh wibawa, kita fahami universiti ini dengan penuh jiwa. Dalami erti maksudnya penubuhannya. Mari kita beriltizam untuk terus bersama menjulang nama universiti kita. Tersohor dan dihormati semua. Selamat menyambut Ulangtahun ke 50 UKM. 18 Mei, 1970 – 18 Mei, 2020. Prof Dato Seri Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali Former Naib Canselor UKM PS – UKM in Space . Truly proud of UKM . Do give a cheer if you are from UKM . 😘

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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) offers 72 different courses across 12 faculties. What’s more impressive is that since its establishment in 1971 up until 2017, UKM has produced more than 185,846 graduates; 147,228 Bachelors, 33,789 Masters and 4,829 PhDs. The university has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and is now returning for it’s September 2020 intake – with an upgrade!


UKM is proud to bring back their UKMi programme for 2020. With their UKMi programme, students are given the opportunity to join the month-long Summer or Student Exchange Programme. This programme has lower entry requirements than that for applications through UPU and allows for exchanges to several overseas universities with established educational ties to UKM. These include universities located in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Germany and the United States.


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All of the courses offered with UKMi are in line with current and future industry demands and if you’re worried about costs – fret not! UKM allows for its students to apply for PPBU, PTPTN, Bank Rakyat, Affin Bank or other external study loans. All you need to do is to check the entry requirements and apply here.


Simple right? Well, what are you waiting for? Head on down to their website now!





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