3 Qualities That Will Help Your Long-Distance Relationship Thrive

In any relationship at all, being away from your partner for a long time can take a toll on the relationship.

But in a long-distance relationship, being away is the norm. Sometimes, the distance can feel too great between you and your partner, you miss each other dearly, yet circumstances mean you need to be away for a while.

Whether it’s a long-term arrangement or a short-term thing, going the distance requires 3 qualities to help your LDR thrive.

1. Both partners are able to function independently

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When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s important to acknowledge that you can’t see your partner whenever and wherever you want. If there’s a difference in time zone, you may not have someone to vent to after a bad day either. In this case, it’s important to concentrate fully on your personal and professional goals, which is one of the perks of a long-distance relationship.

Enjoy your time being independent in a healthy and productive way. When both partners learn to embrace the fact that they have separate lives, the relationship will thrive and make it easier to solve other challenges that may come.

2. You have a visitation schedule planned

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It’s difficult to be without each other all the time, but it’s even worse when you don’t see each other physically at all. There are just some things that video-chatting and phone calls can’t do, like cuddles, kisses, and just being together. Scheduling visits in advance will make sure that you and your partner don’t experience any disappointment or unexpected surprises.

Seeing each other often enough (maybe once a month) will make sure that you both get enough of each other to function as a whole person.

3. There’s a deep level of trust between the couple

Trust is important in any relationship, but in one where you can’t simply meet up because there’s an ocean between you, it takes a whole new level of significance. You need to be comfortable with being completely honest with your partner and trust that he’ll do the same.

If you’re constantly doubting your LDR partner, then your relationship may not last very long. If something bothers you, don’t be afraid to let your partner know and trust his response.