3 Possible Reasons You’re Dreaming About Your Ex

It’s so weird how sometimes you can suddenly just dream of your ex. But that doesn’t mean that you still love him or that you miss him? Or do you? Let the experts explain what dreams (or nightmares for some) actually mean.

1. Your subconscious mind could be comparing how different or similar your life is now

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Our mind sometimes tries to recall how things were with an ex vs how they are now. Are you happier now, has loneliness crept in, are you more carefree? You’re probably tryna to figure out if a relationship can add value to your life at the moment.

2. It’s about you and what you have lost

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Sometimes we give up many things during a relationship. Our mind has a funny way of recalling the sacrifices we’ve made during that relationship because perhaps it’s time we took the chances we didn’t get to take back then.

3. You’re afraid of getting hurt again

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An ex appearing in your dream could also be your minds way of showing you your fears, in this case, being hurt all over again by that someone.