3 Mindfulness Apps To Help Practice Stress Free & Better Sleep

Meditation apps are a great medicine to a mindfulness practice as they assist you with placing the power of mindfulness and calmness in the palm of your hand—anytime, anywhere. From breathing techniques, self-reflection, and learning how to be in charge of your own happiness, find these meditation apps on either iOS or Android to start practice a stress-free life.

  1. Headspace 

(Photo: Headspace)

Founded in 2010, Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation apps out there—with over hundreds of guided meditation, mini-meditation, sleep sounds and even animations to help you understand your emotions better than before. This app is good for beginners. 

2. Calm

(Photo: Calm app)

This Calm app is so handy. They permit you to pick and choose your ‘class’ depending on how long you need to practice your meditation and what style of classes you’d prefer—they even have a large number of teachers to guide you with stress reduction.

3. Sattva

(Photo: Sattva)

Sattva is a mindfulness app that draws meditations from ancient Vedic principles. With a 6 minute guided meditations followed with chants, mantras and music by Sanskrit scholars, this app is perfect for anyone hoping to get more in contact with the history and origin of meditation.