3 Main People In Your Life That May Be Giving You Flabby Belly

You know how people always joked about you or partner gaining weight after being in a happy relationship. In fact, research shows that if you eat with another person, you’ll down 33% more on average. Guess what, your boyfie isn’t the only person who makes you chow down on food.

Here are three people in your life who might be the main reason for your binge eating.

1. Your partner

Don’t let your partner’s love deceive you – FYI your chance of becoming obese is 37% greater if your partner is bigger in size. Yikes! But don’t let that discriminate your relationship… It’s all about teamwork. Avoid each other’s temptation and if you of both are good enough, reward each other at the end of the week!

2. Your best friend

If you thought your man is the main reason for your flabby belly, think again. According to research, your chance of you becoming obese increases by 57% if your BFF is chubby too. But you definitely can’t stay away from your weekend get-together with your bestie, right? Try to limit your sweet treats to only once a week.

3. Your colleagues 

Hate to break it to you, but these people that you are seeing and having lunch with every day are actually influencing your weight. According to a study from Georgia State University, you tend to eat 96% more if you dine with a group of seven or more people. Disclaimer, this my current relationship with Liyana, Likely’s Social Media Exec! Can you imagine what will happen if your favourite colleague has the same appetite as you? Every lunch day will be ‘treat yo’self day’!