3 Easy Ways To Make Your Relationship Long-Lasting

After years of dating and the honeymoon period is over, the relationship can suddenly seem dull. Out of nowhere, you start craving for something else from your partner. Some would either let go of the relationship or fight to make it work. So if you’re ready to put in the effort, these are some subtle but powerful ways for you to communicate your love better.

1. Cuddle more often

Man in Blue Shirt Carrying Woman in White Dress

Okay, it’s not possible to always be in a cuddling mood but when you are spending time with each other just lean in and cuddle. Dating expert says when you get physically intimate with your partner, the brain releases a hormone called oxytocin. Not only that, it increases the levels of trust and generosity.

2. Look into their eyes every day 

Woman Hugging Man from His Back

Making more eye contact can grow your love for each other, especially when done intentionally. Research shows that giving eye-contacts can increase feelings of love and passion. It’s no wonder why people can get lost gazing into the eyes of their loved ones.

3. Listen and always remember what you’ve both discussed! 

Man Carrying A Woman On His Back

It doesn’t mean anything if you just listen and not care at all after that. Be an active listener! This means paying full attention to your partner and not scrolling through Instagram while they’re sharing their problems. Look at them while they speak and hear their emotions. After all, love isn’t just in your heart but in your ears as well – said every woman ever!