3 Easy Ways For You To Love Your Sucky Job

If you’ve been in a company for a very long time or doing something that’s totally opposite of your childhood dreams, it can be… A) boring, B) going nowhere, C) filled with awful annoying people, or D) any combination of the above?

Tell you something, you’re definitely not living if you’ve not experienced any of this. How else would you appreciate a good company if you’ve not been in the worse?

But say you’re stuck there and you’ve got nowhere else to go, don’t sulk – make it better! Here’s how you can switch your job up.

1. Stop with the trash talk 

We get it, work sucks and sure doesn’t help if you have an A-hole boss. But according to Amy Cooper Hakim, PhD, co-author of Working With Difficult People, your bash sessions with colleagues could just spin you deeper into the hate hole and won’t do anything to change your job.

Hakim suggests, “When you need to get it out, speak to an S.O. or a friend outside work.” She added that they’ll not only listen without adding the extra hate but give a more objective perspective.

2. Identify that “one” good thing 

Oh well, so what if it’s not your dream job, you still got to hustle! After all, it can’t be THAT bad. Identify one good thing that job as to offer you. It could be the free breakfast, your BFF works with your or the freaking good pay. Pinpoint something that’ll make you grateful and hopefully…working there doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

3. Treat yo’ self! 

That’s right, what better way to make yourself feel damn than to treat yourself every end of the month. That’s what your salary is for – minus your bills and commitments!

Challenge yourself to complete work’titude goals like showing initiatives at the office or it could even be as small as not complaining about how sucky your job is for a week. By the end of the month get yourself a cute top to wear at the office or if it’s small goals reward yourself with a warm, evening bubble bath at the end of the day!

Now let’s see if you still hate your job after a few months!