3 Early Cheating Signs That May Save Your Marriage

Not again! ICYMI, Bella Astillah has finally called it quits on her marriage to Aliff Aziz. This was after news broke of yet another cheating scandal by the singer-actor.

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Assalamualaikum ✨ Thank you for your thoughts and opinions on my struggling marriage, it has not been easy at all, but I know some of you have good intentions for reaching out to me while some are just malicious for calling me out as being the biggest idiot in the world for trying to uphold my fallen marriage. . It has taken me everything, mentally and physically, to finally come to the decision that I will be moving on with my life without Aliff, if I want it to improve in any way at all for my son. . I would sincerely appreciate it if the public would stop sending me dms, calling, and messaging me to further talk and speculate on this issue. I’ve given you a piece of my mind, all I ask is that you respect my decision and give me some space while I go through these trying times. . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. . “Moving on with my little soldier. Thank you for all the support especially my family 🙏🏻” @bellagurdians

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The whole scandal got out when an Instagram user by the name, manjaaaaaa.__, uploaded a series of Insta stories to her social media account. In the Insta stories, she allegedly accused a person, named Mell for having an affair with Aliff Aziz.

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What’s worse, according to her posts, Mell has been abusing drugs and she is allegedly only 16 years old!

However, Mell has since denied the rumours, stating that the photo was taken during a crowded private party and that there’s nothing more between them.

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Saya minta maaf sangat2 semua tu bukan salah saya dn semua ni dri kawan yg dengki sampai post mcm2 hingga la jadi isu sampai mcm ni klau rasa tak tahu kebenaran boleh tanya alif sendiri

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Meanwhile, Aliff Aziz has apparently moved on from the whole affair scandal. The below post below was uploaded an hour after Bella Astillah posted an announcement on their marriage separation.

Honestly, cheating is nothing new – we know it happens. But it becomes disheartening when it involves breaking a family apart! What will happen to the child? He will grow up living between two homes, well, if he’s lucky. It’s better to do something than living in a relationship made out of lies.

Here are 3 things to look out for if your relationship feels off. Hopefully, you’ll be able to save it before it’s too late.

1. Your sex life becomes non-existent 

It might not be a big deal for people who are still dating, but for newlyweds or when you’re still capable of being active in bed — it’s a problem. Either both of you have have fallen out of love or the other is sleeping around with someone else, you need to fix this pronto.

2. Cellphones are off-limits

Sure, some of us have our own stands when it comes to “cellphone privacy” . Although, let’s be honest, one wouldn’t feel the need to be private and defensive when the S.O checks each others phone. Unless, they have something to hide!

3. Having major outbursts when confronted and making you the bad person

Say we’re ready to talk on the suspicions, the partner may turn the table around by saying that you don’t trust them. Instead of comforting you that they’ve done nothing wrong, they’d lash and argue with you. One of the classic line, “You’re thinking too much, trust me!” It makes you feel like you’re the crazy person here.

Well, talking about trust – TRUST YOUR GUT. If something feels off, confront your partner and do something about it. Most importantly, never self-doubt because you’re NOT thinking too much.