3 Daily Reminders To Help You Get Over An Ex

Talking to yourself can do wonders for your soul. From boosting your confidence to slimming you down or stopping for doing something stupid. Which happens most probably after a messy breakup.

One of the crucial self-care step for you take is to find mantras/words that can relate to your heartache. Remember, you’re in a messy place, with your brain filled with regrets.

Here are three daily reminders you can say to yourself whenever you feel like breaking down, because girl you matter. Don’t let anybody else make you feel like you don’t.

“I’m practicing patience and I’m practicing understanding” 

Ask yourself “why” did the break happened and understand “why” it had to be so. In doing so, you are having empathy toward your ex as well. It may take awhile, but it’s all part of the healing process.

“My emotions are valid”

Yes, they do! While they are a little overwhelmed at the moment with you having second doubts of racing back to your ex. It’s fine, but take step back to really get in touch with your emotions. Why do you feel so shitty or crying all the time? Did you feel good before the whole break happened? The break up happened for a reason – never forget that. So if you’re feeling too emotional, then just let it out. CRY till’ you’re sick of crying.

“I can learn from my breakup” 

You learn as you grow and in life, breaking up is inevitable. It’s a life lesson for you to make yourself better too. Don’t get caught up by focusing on what you’ve lost but remind yourself of what you’ve gained. For example, you now know what you really want in a guy or perhaps it was on your side that needed the attitude adjustment. Either, you’re blossoming, not wilting. You just need some sunshine and water.

Just like in the wise words of Ariana Grande, “Thank U, Next.”