3 Creative Ways Couples Have Not Let COVID-19 Ruin Their Wedding Plans

With any kind of gathering prohibited for a little while longer, it may be months until any sort of celebration is done the “traditional way” (i.e. in rented venues with tonnes of guests ala December 2019). Those that had not originally planned on calling it off, were suddenly faced with the dilemma of venues, caterers and the like cancelling on them. For now, there will be no weddings feasts or banquets, and while couples will be able to get married after the movement control order, it is best to keep the number of attendees low to continue to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The harsh truth is that the coronavirus has disrupted celebrations because so much is still uncertain, even for weddings that are months away. But these couples have proven that you don’t need to be traditional in order to enjoy and celebrate your special day!


“Drive-thru” Wedding 2020

Photo from Dinas Bridal

In a post from even before the movement control order (MCO), Dinas Bridal shared once couples wedding ceremony that promoted social distancing while allowing the couple to continue with their celebration. To ensure that there was no touching, the guideless were that:

  • Guests were to use their car signals for greeting.
  • A donation box was placed close to where the cars were meant to stop instead of the “‘salam keruk”.
  • The couple distributes pre-packed food to the guests.
  • The guests take their food and use the cars signals again to show their thanks.


Virtual Wedding 2020

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In an unexpected twist of events, as of yesterday we are officially husband and wife! Married March 21, 2020 in a private ceremony my father facilitated in my parents' living room, with just both sets of our parents in attendance. We ordered curbside pickup from one of our favorite local restaurants for dinner and donut shop for dessert. We got flowers from a small florist down the road. I wore the dress I had originally planned to wear for our rehearsal dinner. Our photographer graciously offered to come take some photos to capture the day. While not our original plan, or even plan Z, the day was still special and filled with love. The only thing that would have made it better is if our guests could have shared it with us. We can't wait to celebrate in person in the future at our wedding reception "take-two". We are wishing everyone health and safety as we start our life together. #HalfAssamedQuarantineWedding #KickingAssamTakingNames #AssamTogether 📷: @steenaanne

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Whether you choose to use Zoom (and send out a virtual background for everyone to use to authenticate the occasion), Hangouts or other video conferencing applications, virtual weddings seem to be the most optimal way to get everyone together without actually being together. What’s more, if you’d like to keep to the tradition of floral arrangements, even if you’re getting married at home, florists will be able to deliver the blooms to couples who’re getting married at-home or virtually due to COVID-19.



Animal Crossing Wedding 2020

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A post on reddit from a med school graduate depicted a wedding on the life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo. The bride was feeling down about missing out on her med school graduation and on top of that, her wedding and so the groom took matters into his own hands and planned the cute wedding on the game. The decor was so elaborate that it even included their initials in hearts on the floor!



And while it may not be what you originally planned for, there are tonnes of ways to ensure that you still have a special day filled with love. Don’t let it get you down and stay safe!